Maps drawn in the 1970s, supposedly showing the two parts of Akakor.


Georgia O’Keeffe,  The Mountains, New Mexico, 1951

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An old photograph of dad holding some WWII ammo in article by Luca Ruali in Humboldt Books »


Peasants standing next to the remains of people they ate during the Russian famine, 1921

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Esprit Pattern

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banana plant in flower

Alcide Dessalines d’Orbigny

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Bronze Head of King Sargon of Akkad, 2306 B.C

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Limestone ostracon with a sketch of a pharaoh spearing a lion

14cm high and 12.5 cm wide (5.5 x 4 15/16 inch.)

Egyptian, New Kingdom, Ramesside Period, dynasty 20, 1186 - 1070 BC. 

Source: Metropolitan Museum

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A kitten aboard a floating Victoria water lily pad in the Philippines, 1935.Photograph by Alfred T. Palmer, National Geographic Creative

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